World Health Day 2021: How to beat the lethargy, know two easy solutions by the word of the Nutritionist

World Health Day 2021: How to beat the lethargy, know two easy solutions by the word of the Nutritionist

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World Health Day 2021: The world celebrates World Health Day on 7 April every year. The purpose of the day is to ensure that every person realizes the right to good health everywhere. Corona virus epidemic is the best that we should look for options to be more fit, healthy and strong at home.

Eating healthy and regular exercise are two important essential conditions. If any other health concern is bothering you, then it is the right time to solve it. One such concern is the lethargy of midday which strikes almost every day and makes it helpless to do normal work.

Effective tips to get rid of afternoon sluggishness
Nutritionist Pooja Makhija has talked about the afternoon nap on Instagram and she has told how it reduces productivity. He said, “The afternoon nap is caused by fluctuations in our biological clock or body clock. It can happen anywhere between 2 pm and 4 pm. The body temperature decreases and thus our promptness also Decreases. “

Two easy steps are helpful in removing anxiety
If you are thinking of using tea, coffee or any other source or caffeine to beat the afternoon sluggishness, then you have to do it before that.

Half fill your plate with protein – According to Makhija, you should make sure that the size of the protein portion is larger than the protein size of carbohydrates in your lunch. This means that the amount of protein (such as lentils, legumes, chicken, fish and eggs) should be more than carbohydrates (eg bread, rice, idli, bread, noodles, pasta).

Do not consume any liquids. Tea, coffee, buttermilk, water and sugar syrup should be used 45 minutes after lunch. “Both these steps will ensure that you can say goodbye to the lethargy of the afternoon,” says Makhija.

These foods can cause pimples and pimples, these foods are not good for your skin

Like the body, the health of the eyes is also important, these are the effective ways to improve and enhance the light.

Check out below Health Tools-
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