Why deaths from corona in India reduced, reveals in AIIMS study

Why deaths from corona in India reduced, reveals in AIIMS study

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Corona infection cases are not less in India. So far 12 crore 47 lakh people in the world have got corona infection. Of these, 27.36 lakh people have died. India ranks third in terms of corona infection. So far, about 1.1 crore corona infection cases have been reported here. But for India, it is a matter of luck that in the proportion in which corona infection is happening in India, people are not dying from corona in that proportion. So far, 1.60 lakh people have died due to corona infection in India whereas 2.95 lakh deaths have been done in Brazil due to 1.20 crore infection. The mystery of why the death rate of corona infection in India is low has been lifted by scientists of National Institute of Immunology and AIIMS. Their joint study has been published in the top medical journal Frontier in Immunology.

Important role of T-cells

Researchers collected 66 percent of blood samples and plasma from the blood of some people before the Corona period. There was no risk of corona infection among these people. Researchers found during the study that CD4 + T cells reacted effectively against SARS-CoV-2 in their blood samples and plasma. SARS-CoV-2 only causes corona virus infection. Even more important was that in 21 percent of the samples obtained from healthy donors, the protein that was increased due to SARSCoV-2 was also strongly sidelined. The study is based on the immunodefine (T cell) of 32 people without corona virus and 28 people affected by corona. Actually T cell is a type of white blood cell (WBC) present in the blood which is important for the immune system. The immune system rests on this cell.

Tea cells enable the body to fight the corona

CD4 T-cells are called helper cells because they do not neutralize infection, but replenish the body in such a way that the body is capable of reacting on its own during an infection. Dr. Ashok Sharma, Associate Professor of AIIMS Biochemistry Department, pointed out that the presence of T cells which are responsible for increasing the protein containing SARSCoV-2, would also be responsible for not increasing the same protein in a person who has never been infected with the corona. Huh. Because of this, when it comes into contact with the corona virus, it has a common cold. Dr. Nimesh Gupta, head of this study and head of immunology at NIE, said that when cold cells of the corona virus collide, there is a common cold, but the kovids cannot protect themselves from infection. However, it definitely helps in reducing the severity of the disease. Former AIIMS professor Dr. NK Mehra said that the death rate of corona infection in India is 1.5 percent while in America it is 3 percent and in Mexico it is 10 percent. He said that the common cold is caused by the first exposure to the corona virus. It certainly has a role in reducing the death rate in India.

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