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HUBBALLI: With Navalgund MLA Shankar Patil Munenakoppa becoming the minister for handlooms and textiles, weavers of the popular Navalgund dhurries hope to see its revival.
The Navalgund dhurrie, popularly known as Navalgund jamkhana, is now on the verge of extinction after the pandemic. Hundreds of families engaged in making dhurries were badly hit by the lockdown. Many people who depended on weaving of dhurries quit due to old age and settled down at home.
To support weavers, the Karnataka government set up a production centre exclusively for dhurries and roped in artisans. Before the first wave, more than 35 persons worked there but that has now come down to 15. The Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation (KSHDC) took up marketing the dhurries but it’s constrained by lack of funds.
Mehaboobabi Patwegar, 60, of Jamakhan Galli, Navalgund, said: “We get Rs 110 per square metre for weaving dhurries of different sizes. We want to keep the art alive and ensure Navalgund Jamkhanas are available. If the government starts training centres and provides monetary assistance, the art will survive.”
Farzana Shirasangi, artisan who weaves Navalgund jamkhanas, said: “Due to Covid, the art of weaving dhurries is under threat. We’re struggling to keep the art alive. The jamkhana is seen at the palace in Mysuru and other historical places.”
Akkamahadevi Bojedar, working for over 25 years in this field, said: “We used to prepare jamkhanas of different sizes. Chaar mor pagadi Mani (Shatranj), bada ghadi jamkhana, ek mor jamkhane (1 peacock) and others are woven at the centre.”
Munenakoppa said: “To save the art of weaving dhurries, we’ll take up the matter and come up with a solution.”


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