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CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu chief minister M K Stalin on Tuesday told the assembly that some vested interests have been carrying out misinformation campaigns in social media to demean and disturb the government’s efforts to ensure social justice. He was referring to social media campaigns against a government order which paved the way for all Hindus to become priests.
“Some are unable to bear it. They have engineered devious plans and executed them to disturb it,” said the CM pointing to some social media campaigns that spread misinformation that new persons have been appointed in places of the serving priests in the Hindu religious & charitable endowments (HR & CE) temples. It was a fallout of the appointment order issued to 24 trained non-brahmin priests, including five dalits and a woman othuvar, on the 75th Independence Day.
No one had been relieved from their posts to issue appointment orders (under the scheme), the CM clarified. “If such an incident happened anywhere and the same is being reported with evidence, the government would definitely take an appropriate measure,” he said.
“People are well aware that some are trying to demean the efforts of the government for their political gain and disturb social justice (rendered out),” said the CM.
The government implemented the order, which had remained stalled for a long time due to circumstances. “By implementing the order and issuing appointments (to non-brahmin priests), the government has fulfilled the dream of former CM M Karunanidhi, who wanted to remove the thorn in Periyar’s heart,” the CM said amidst applause.
Earlier, minister for HR&CE P K Sekar Babu said nothing could stop the government from appointing trained archakars, irrespective of their caste, in temples to ensure equal rights and social justice to everyone. “The appointments of the priests were done as per Agama Vidhi. Some elements were spreading false information that new appointments were made to replace the priests who were already working,” he said while responding to Thousand Lights MLA N Ezhilan’s query over the appointment of priests in HR &CE temples.
For instance, a priest of Venkatachalapathy temple in Sattur in Virudhunagar, who retired 13 years ago, was still continuing to work in the temple. The department treated the post vacant and appointed a trained Vaishnavite priest, Srinivasan. “On humanitarian grounds, the department allowed the retired priest to continue to work in one of the sub-temples as per the CM’s direction. No priest has been relieved or removed from work,” the minister clarified.
Pointing out the appointment of a woman othuvar, Suhanjana, at Dhenupureeswarar temple in Chennai, the minister said the elements against women empowerment were trying to tarnish the CM’s efforts.
Former chief minister Karunanidhi worked for the development of marginalised and oppressed classes of the society. If that was wrong, present chief minister M K Stalin would repeat that again and continue to do it, said Sekar Babu.
Floor leader Duraimurugan hailed the efforts of the CM and called the appointment of non-brahmin archakars and the woman othuvar as social reformation. He recalled how admission to medical seats had been denied in the past based on castes.
Meanwhile, Thamizhnadu Brahmin Association issued a statement alleging that HR&CE had removed several priests from service and appointed non-brahmins as priests in temples in Sattur and Samayapuram in Trichy and several other temples. It further said that the appointment of 24 non-brahmin archakars hurt everyone and it amounted to contempt of court, which issued a verdict that Agama Vizhi should be followed during the appointments of priests.


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