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BENGALURU: A photograph showing motorbikes being ferried by a mini goods truck-turned-towing vehicle went viral on social media on August 17 after a Twitter user, quoting documents, claimed that the truck (KA 23-8144) had no insurance cover, its fitness certificate had expired in 2017 and tax hadn’t been paid since 2003.
However, traffic cops sought to wash their hands of the allegation by claiming the vehicle was not part of their fleet. Joint commissioner of police (traffic) BR Ravikanthe Gowda said the licence plate number of the truck does not match any of the 80-odd towing vehicles his force is using in the city.

“The picture shows men in plainclothes lifting the bikes. For many years now, towing staff have been wearing uniforms. Above all, we use towing vehicles with clear documentation and approval by the Regional Transport Office,” Gowda said.
Another senior traffic police officer, however, said they will look into the matter. “The truck definitely does not belong to city traffic police. But we will examine the picture and trace the vehicle as we have been dragged into the matter,” he added.
It all began with the Twitter user posting the photograph and pointing to the speed at which towing staff lift motorbikes parked on roads, place them inside the vehicle and leave in a jiffy. The Twitter user wondered whether all government projects work at the same pace. “Any other Government work happens at lightening speed like this happens (sic)?” the tweet read.
“The very own towing vehicle has no permit. it’s fitness expired and from 2003 they have not paid any kind of motor vehicle tax. no insurance. DO THIS BTP ALLOW ANY OTHER VECHILE WITHOUT INSURANCE. Before giving contract how come dey have not checked all (sic),” replied another Twitter user, sparking a flood of tweets ridiculing police.
“Traffic Police wants you to pay fines for not wearing seatbelts in Traffic Signals but nobody cares for helmets, seat belts on highways,” read a post. Another Twitter user said: “Law enforcement agency is providing full cover if law to towing mafia. Towing truck belongs to contractor, and more they scoop, more money for everyone involved in this excluding government (sic).”


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