Three masked men attack jeweller, rob shop; one caught in Chennai | Chennai News – Times of India

CHENNAI: Three masked robbers barged into a jewellery shop in Vandalur on Sunday night and took ₹1 lakh cash after attacking the shop owner with a knife. One of the suspects was nabbed by members of the public when they tried to escape.
Police said Beru Singh, 39, of Ram Nagar in Mannivakkam runs a jewellery cum pawn shop on Vandalur-Walajabad road. At 8.45pm on Sunday, when he was closing the shop, a car pulled up and the three men who came in it said they wanted to make buy jewellery. Beru Singh explained the Covid rule to close businesses at 9pm and requested them to return on Monday.
“The trio told him they needed the jewellery for a wedding on Monday and Beru reopened his shop. The three then pulled down the shutters behind them and started threatening Beru Singh at knifepoint. One snatched the money in his pocket, the other two took the jewellery kept in the safe,” a police officer explained.
When Singh tried to stop them, a robbers cut him with the knife, leaving him with bleeding injuries. Hearing Singh cry out in pain, people in adjacent shops rushed in, the officer said. While two suspects escaped in the car with ₹1 lakh cash, the third was caught by the people and handed over to police.
Singh was given first aid. Based on his complaint to the Vandalur police, police registered a case and are questioning the nabbed suspect. They are checking the CCTV camera footage too.


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