This drink can prevent muscle spasms, claims made in new research, such benefits

This drink can prevent muscle spasms, claims made in new research, such benefits

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It is possible that those who have exercised regularly may have heard of those claims that how to increase the electrolyte and drink water is much better than drinking plain water. But is this just a market promotion or is it also a reality? In this connection, the research report has been published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Electrolyte-rich water versus plain water

Electrolytes are minerals that contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride and play an important role in absorbing body water and maintaining muscle health. To find out how important they really are, the researchers tested 10 men. All of them exercised for about an hour in two separate sessions on a treadmill in a warm room.

The body weight of all the participants was reduced by about 2 percent due to sweating and this was done after one session with plain water and one session and then electrolyte for the other cells. Drinking electrolyte showed a clear distinction between muscle spasms during exercise and after exercise. When they drank plain water, all the participants were seen to experience a lot of cramps.

Many people drink more water while exercising. They believe that muscle cramps occur due to dehydration. Researchers in Australia say that there may actually be a greater risk of cramps during and after exercise. Plain water dilutes the deposition of electrolyte in our body, which means that it does not meet the deficiency during sweat.

In addition, electrolytes help the body absorb water more effectively, which means that you can literally be more hydrated than drinking plain water. Another good aspect is that it does not take a big investment to ensure the electrolyte is too much, you can prepare the electrolyte drink yourself with sea salt or Himalayan salt, raw honey.

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