The pros and cons of always saying YES to your children | The Times of India

Experts believe that turning to yes parenting has many benefits. It might help kids to become more successful in the future and also improve the relationship between kids and their parents. This allows kids to live their lives to the fullest without the fear of falling. Here are some pros of following this style of parenting.

Strengthens the bond between parent-child: When you agree to your kid’s demand, the possibility of kids hiding something from your decreases. You will not have to spy on them to know what they are up to.

Builds confidence in the child: Allowing your kids to do what they want, even when you know that they might fail in it helps to build their confidence.

Makes them more creative: Yes parenting makes kids more creative, understand the world in a better way and try out new things as they know that their parents would always agree to it.

Helps the child accept no easier: When the demand of kids is always met they become more acceptable to no for an answer.

Tantrums and fits are fewer: Kids are most likely to throw fewer tantrums.


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