Telangana: Vaccination drive for students going abroad begins | Hyderabad News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: The Telangana government commenced vaccination drive for students going abroad for further studies at the Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM), Narayanaguda on Saturday. However, it has left many students from the districts in a dilemma over their participation in the government organised vaccination drive.
So far, close to 7,000 foreignbound students have been registered with health department. A total of 350 students will be given Covishield at IPM every day. The government has sought special permissions from the firm to decrease time interval between two doses to four weeks. Students have raised concerns over government’s failure in arranging vaccinations in districts.
“Sir @KTRTRS @KTRoffice please arrange vaccination centers in districts for student who are traveling to abroad for education. Traveling to Hyderabad for vaccination during lockdown would be difficult to most of students. Sir please consider this issue and arrange alternative,” tweeted Rakesh Reddy. Due to lockdown and two doses, many have raised concerns over travelling to Hyderabad to get inoculated.


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