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HYDERABAD: Friendship Day revelry turned tragic for three youngsters who drowned in the backwaters of Sriram Sagar Project in Nizamabad on August 1. In Mulugu district, two others were swept away in the swirling waters of Bogatha waterfalls on the same day.
The three friends had gone to the picnic spot to celebrate Friendship Day when one of them, 19-year-old Shiva, fell into the water and struggled to come out. His friends — Rahul (19) and Uday (20) — tried to rescue him by jumping into the water. But, all three of them were washed away and their bodies were recovered on August 2.

Similarly, two persons — Munigeli Naresh (24) and Ravi Kumar Chari (30) — were swept away in Bogatha waterfalls and their bodies were fished out a day later.
These are not isolated incidents. Instances of people flocking to picnic spots, water bodies, waterfalls and riverbanks and taking selfies close to the water have seen a jump of late, and casualties have also gone up. Police said a person ventures into the water first, loses balance, raises an alarm, gets washed away, while others jump into the water to rescue him or her. In a majority of such cases, not only the person is at great risk but those trying to rescue him or her are also swept away, police said.
“If only precautions are taken, lives would not be lost. While visiting water bodies or waterfalls or crossing surging streams, people must be very alert and not take unnecessary risks as it is difficult to tackle water flow,” said Boath town inspector Mudavath Nylu said.
Bogatha waterfalls is a favourite destination during the monsoon for revellers because of its scenic locales. Last year, an engineering student drowned in Kuntala waterfalls, which is close to Bogatha waterfalls.
A visit to the Pushkar ghat at Pochampad in Nizamabad turned tragic for a family in April this year. Six persons drowned in the mishap. One of the persons in the group who went deep into the water was drowning when others noticed him and tried to rescue him. Three girls — Zumaira (10), Mashera (14) and Miraj Begum (16) — met a watery grave in Alisagar during an outing in November last year. The girls were taking a selfie when one of them slipped into the water. Two others also fell and they were washed away.


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