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Telangana: Man lodges police complaint about rooster theft | Hyderabad News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: For the last few days, a man in Mothkur in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district noticed that his hens were going missing. This had become a rather regular thing and upset the owner.
Surakanti Krishna Reddy believes he has detected the thief and has promptly approached the Mothkur police station in Rachakonda commissionerate limits to take action on his written complaint against the alleged thief.
“This is the first time we have got a complaint of this nature and we will follow the due process of law for investigation,” Sub Inspector G Uday Kiran told TOI. Surakanti Krishna Reddy approached the police on Thursday with the complaint that his hens had been going missing and identified a man in the neighbourhood he believes was responsible for stealing them.
It was not by chance that Krishna Reddy detected the alleged culprit. As one hen after another went missing over the last few days, he decided to keep his eyes and ears wide open to see what would happen to the remaining of his hens. During the day, he would leave the hens which would roam around in the vicinity and come back.
However, on June 9, he heard the crowing of a rooster. He ran in the direction of the sound and entered the house of a person in the neighbourhood. The rooster was there in that very house. He brought it back home but decided to proceed legally against the man in the neighbourhood for allegedly stealing his hens and roosters. “We have accepted the complaint and will verify the contents of the complaint and then decide on the next course of action,” Sub-Inspector Uday Kiran said.
Incidentally, the man against whom the allegation that has been made that he was stealing the hens and roosters is a Covid patient and police do not want to rush through with the case because of that. And even otherwise, it was a busy day for police on Thursday as they had to deal with a law and order situation arising out of the death of a person. A crowd has resorted to a protest and staged a dharna in connection with the death demanding action against the alleged culprits responsible for the death.


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