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HYDERABAD: Deeply affected by the death of his friend who was addicted to tobacco, Maachana Raghunandhan, a deputy Tahsildar, has dedicated his life to helping others quit the consumption of tobacco.
Employed with the enforcement wing of civil supplies department in Mahabubnagar, Maachana has been spreading awareness about the adverse effects of smoking and consumption of tobacco.
“My friend Deeksihtutlu was addicted to chewing tobacco and smoking when I was in college. He helped me a lot while pursuing higher education. However, the evil habit of tobacco consumption took away his life. It was after his death that I realised that more people should be made aware of the ill effects of this habit,” said Maachana.
For the last two decades, he has spent hours counselling people, shadowing them to help them quit smoking. Whenever he spots people smoking and chewing tobacco, he engages with them in a conversation and explains to them the ill effects of the habit.
“Many people told me to quit smoking, but their words never had any impact on me. But, it was different when Raghunandhan sir suggested the same. He knows how to convince people and keeps in touch with them so that they don’t start smoking again,” said Srikanth A, a government employee, who had quit smoking about a month ago.
He said that he started smoking at the age of 22 and continued for almost a decade. “Neither my parents, wife, or kids could make me quit smoking. But they are all happy that I stopped smoking now,” he added.
Seconding what Srikanth said, Balaji J, who quit smoking about 8 months ago, said that he now buys fruit or biscuits for his child with the money he usually spends on buying tobacco products.
“Raghunandhan sir always used to suggest buying fruit instead of spending money on cigarettes or gutkha. That’s what I am doing now,” he said.


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