Tamil Nadu: Statue of twins found in tank, may be of Marudhu brothers | Madurai News – Times of India

MADURAI: A one metre-tall statue of twin figures, perceived to be those of the Marudhu Pandiyar brothers, was found in a dry tank bed at a village near Kadaladi in Ramanathapuram district on Sunday.
U Vijayaramu, an archaeological enthusiast, said he was called upon by local youths at Santhankudi village to check the statue. “They told me that it was overturned and buried but nobody thought of finding out what it was as it was big and heavy,’’ he said. However, some of them dug it out on Sunday as the tank had become dry and found the twin statues. Vijayaramu said twin statues could be those of Chera chieftains Ponnar Shankar (990 AD to 1020 AD) or of the Marudhu Pandiyar chieftains of Sivaganga (born in 1783 to 1801).
Both would have swords in their hands and would be seen wearing turbans. “But Ponnar Shankar have been idolised and worshipped in temples till date and their statues are usually very elaborately decorated with chain and jewellery to show them like deities. Statues of Marudhu Pandiar have swords but are usually seen with a shawl and swords and a single strand of beads on their neck,’’ he said.
This statue is one metre in height, 50 cm in width and 25 cm in thickness. Vijayaramu said it was common to see the statues of Marudhu Pandiar in front of temples and this statue too has both the figures clasping their hands together as if in worship. There are also similar statues of Nayak rulers in temples, but those statues have a hair bun or ‘kondai’ on one side of the head. In this, it is just turbans.
As the statue has the figures in worshipping position it may have fallen down while being transported to be installed in some temple and then left there, he added.


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