Street vendors to hold mega protest on Dec 2 | Delhi News – Times of India

New Delhi: In protest against “harassment” of street vendors due to poor implementation of the 2014 street vending Act, thousands of them marched to chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence at Civil Lines on Wednesday.
“It aimed to highlight the unregulated levels of harassment of street vendors by civic authorities and police due to the poor implementation of the 2014 street vending Act by the Delhi government,” according to a statement issued by National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI).
The association claimed that more than 2,000 vendors attended the protest to express their disappointment to the CM, but Kejriwal refused to meet their delegation. No response was available from the Delhi government.
“Police also refused to cooperate and tried to detain two street vendors. The vendors have vowed to return on December 2 in larger numbers if their demands are not met immediately,” said Arbind Singh, NASVI’s national coordinator who headed the march.
The demands include formation of active grievance redressal committees as per the Act, giving full power to the town vending committees (TVC) as mandated by it, and immediately conducting the extended street vendors’ survey, Singh added. Other demands are granting allowance to TVC members and specifying important details on the certificate of vending such as place and type of vendor.
NASVI also announced that on December 10, it would protest in all civic zones.


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