Sravani Kondapalli suicide

Sravani Kondapalli Maunaragam serial actress commits suicide. by harassment of TikTok Boyfriend.

She is currently starring in Manasu Mamata, Maunaragam serials as well as Sravani Kondapalli. The reasons for Sravani Kondapalli’s suicide need to be known. Police have registered a case and are investigating the incident.

Serials actress Sravani Kondapalli has committed suicide. She was hanged on Tuesday night at her residence in Madhuranagar, Hyderabad. Sravani Kondapalli went into the bathroom on Tuesday night. Committed suicide by hanging inside. She was found lying lifeless when family members suspected she had not gone into the bathroom and cracked the door. She was rushed to Yashoda Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead. She has been working in TV serials for eight years. Sravani Kondapalli is currently starring in Manasu Mamata, Maunaragam serials and others. Also read this : Bangalore Drug case Sanjana Galrani arrested.

Family members allege that Sravani Kondapalli committed suicide as a result of harassment with the introduction of Tik Tak. Sravani Kondapalli has been in a TikTok affair with Devaraja Reddy alias Sunny of Kakinada Gollaprolu in East Godavari district for the past few years. Devaraj is said to have later harassed Sravani Kondapalli. She says she committed suicide out of that resentment. Sravani’s family members have lodged a complaint against Devaraja Reddy with the Epsar Nagar police. The police who registered the case are investigating. The body was shifted to osmania Hospital for postmortem.

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