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Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar is optimistic that his long walkathon, starting on August 24 will change the political landscape and expose the TRS government’s shortcomings over the last seven years. In an exclusive interview with Sribala Vadlapatla, he said that disagreements within the party are minor and can be easily resolved.
Q- Many parties in the state declared padayatra; what are your goals?
A-. The priority will be to stay in contact with ordinary people and their problems. The TRS government failed on all criteria. People lost their lives in the fight for a separate state and now the youth are committing suicide as they fail to get employment. Unfortunately, right from river water concerns, many promises like double bedroom houses, and three acres of land to each Dalit household, there is nothing TRS can be proud of in recent years. They always flip-flop. We have been pushing the government to designate September 17 as Telangana liberation day. They supported us prior to the formation of the state but have now gone back on it under the influence of AIMIM.
Q- There is big talk about the widening gap among local BJP party leaders
A – We have some gaps in the party, but nothing serious. Many newcomers to the party are unaware of the party’s discipline and rules. Even the PM adheres to the protocol. I would not have gotten authorisation for the padayatra from national leadership without the rest of the party’s leaders at the state level supporting it.
Q-TRS working president KT Rama Rao tweeted that everyone in the state should apply to the BJP for Rs 15 lakh in Jan Dhan accounts, as promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi…
A- It is a misconception; the PM never said that. All he said was if all black money owned by Indians was returned to the country, the sum would be equivalent to it. But we will not cease accepting applications from citizens about their difficulties in the state.
Q-What is BJP’s stand on Dalit Bandhu ?
A-While we support the initiative, we are sceptical of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s commitment. He launched the Rythu Bandhu scheme as a pilot project in Karimnagar. Farmers across the state received benefits on the same day, so why not the same for this scheme? In Huzurabad, only a few families are provided (Karim Nagar district). Tribals and BCs require such assistance, but TRS derives no political benefit from the proposal. I will traverse through Huzurabad for at least one week
Q- Why is the BJP launching programmes from the Bhagyalakshmi temple in Charminar when it is communally sensitive?
A- When other religions launch programmes from their places of faith, why shouldn’t we? There are many political parties in the country that talk about others, but we are the only one that values the sentiments of the majority


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