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DELHI: Covid cases are declining across all the 11 districts of Delhi but in some districts the positivity rate continues to remain higher than the others. All the districts witnessed a sudden and sharp surge during the last fortnight of April and in the first week of May, but, like the rise, the decline too has been very sudden and fast. From 36% in the second fortnight of April, the overall positivity rate of Delhi has come down to 10%.

According to an official report of May 15 seen by TOI, southwest district reported a 21% positivity rate.
NE district has lowest positivity rate
According to an official report of May 15 seen by TOI, north district reported a positivity rate of 16.4%, southeast 13.3%, northwest 13.2%, west 12%, east 10%, central 9.6%, New Delhi 9.2%, Shahdara district 9.2%, south 7.9% and northeast 5.6%. The daily Covid tests hover between 2,200 and10,000 and all the districts are strictly enforcing the lockdown measures but the outcome in some present a different picture.
The Centre is also watching the situation in districts reporting a higher positivity rate and monitoring Covid management there. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be interacting with the Delhi chief secretary and district magistrates of six districts of Delhi — west, southwest, northwest, New Delhi, east and south —from11am on Tuesday besides those of 40 other districts from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh. The chief secretaries have also been asked to attend the meeting through video conferencing. North district with 16.4% positivity and southeast district with13.3% positivity have been left out.
A recent analysis of the trend at the six hotspot districts reveals that they reported a very high positivity rate during the fourth Covid wave. Southwest district saw a positivity rate as high as 65%, west district up to 37%, southeast up to 59%, south district up to 29%, Shahdara up to 45%, northwest up to 37%, east up to 34% and New Delhi up to 24.55%. However, New Delhi district had 9.3% positivity rate on May15.
The DMs of southwest, northwest and north districts did not respond to TOI’s attempts to get their reaction about the prevailing Covid situation. A report on the situation in the six districts has been sent to the ministry of health and family welfare which will be making a presentation before the PM on Tuesday at the start of the video conference.
An official who did not wish to be identified said that the authorities arenotclearaboutthecausesbehind the higher positivity rate in some districts as compared to other districts and only experts will be able to give an insight. Different officials from these districts said they are conducting the maximum number of tests incontainmentzones,slums,middle class areas and also villages.
“The spread of Covid tests also influences the positivity rate. If more tests are conducted in the containment zones and adjoining clusters and among the contacts of Covidpositive persons, then the positivity rate is likely to be slightly higher,” said a government doctor who is involved in Covid management. “More tests in superspreader areas also push up the positivity rate. It has been observed that more tests conducted in slums and underprivileged areas gives a lower positivity rate. That is why it is suggested that the districts should use mixed locations for carrying out the tests.”


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