Second Covid wave a blow for weddings in Mangaluru | Mangaluru News - Times of India

Second Covid wave a blow for weddings in Mangaluru | Mangaluru News – Times of India


MANGALURU: Mangalureans were hoping that the wedding season in April and May would be a normal one, especially a year after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, given the spurt in cases and restrictions imposed by the government, the wedding industry is hit due to cancellations, and people are opting for a reduced guest list.
So far, five persons have cancelled their orders, even before the start of the season, said Nikhil D’Souza, a city-based disc jockey. “Customers are worried about if there will be another lockdown, and they do not want to take a risk. They have decided to postpone functions,” he told TOI.
B N Girish, vice-president, The Ocean Pearl, said that a lot of banquet orders they had for this season have been cancelled. “Mangalureans are scattered across the country and the world, and families unite for functions. Probably due to travel restrictions, banquet hall bookings and hotel room bookings have been cancelled,” he said,
Balakrishna Shetty, a businessman, whose engineer daughter’s wedding is scheduled on April 28 said, “All the preparations have been done for the wedding. I hope that my daughter’s wedding takes place without any hurdles. I am worried over the rising Covid-19 cases, and am keeping my fingers crossed.”
Some people who had planned functions with a huge guest list, are now planning to reduce the number of guests, by inviting only family and close friends. Dafnal Concessao of Exotica Events Solution, said that some Christian weddings are now followed by two receptions. “This is to accommodate more people, as the government has restricted the number of people that can gather at a venue. Some couples have decided to hold another reception, a day after the wedding. Normally, Christian weddings are a one-day affair, and end with nuptials followed by a reception,” he said, adding that there is a lot of uncertainty, and events may be cancelled at any time at the last moment.”
Wedding photographers Hemanth Kumar and Prajwal Ukkuda said that most of the weddings scheduled are those that could not be held last year. “There is a reduction in the number of destination weddings taking place since the Covid-19 pandemic,” they added.
A couple who have postponed their wedding, feel that the ceremony is incomplete with a small gathering. “The boy’s side has prepared a guest list for more than 500 people. It will lead to animosity among family members, in case we fail to invite someone. Hence, we have decided to get married when the situation is normal,” they said.


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