Ramya Krishnan Remuneration in ” BAAHUBALI “

Ramya Krishnan Remuneration in ” BAAHUBALI “, Do you know how much Ramya Krishnan Remuneration to work on a movie!

Today is the birthday of Ramya Krishnan, Ramya Krishnan one of the best actresses in the country, has entered at 50 today. But if actresse’s fees are reduced on aging, Ramya Krishnan offers a different example. You may be surprised to know that Ramya Krishnan, who is celebrating his 50th birthday today, is being paid more than the top South actresses. On his birthday, we will give you some information about Ramya Krishnan.

Baahubali gives new identity to Ramya Krishnan ” Shivagami Devi “

All the actors working in the super hit movie ‘Baahubali’ have got a new identity in the world today. Since the film hit, the fees of all the actors working on the film have increased and one of them is Ramya Krishnan. Ramya Krishnan has brought to life the role of ‘Shivagami Devi’ in both ‘Baahubali 1’ and ‘Baahubali 2’. Her role as ‘Sivagami Devi’ in the film is highly appreciated by the audience. According to reports, Ramya Krishnan has increased his salary since then.

Ramya Krishnan Remuneration increase

According to a recent news report, Ramya Krishnan had paid Rs 6 lakh for a day’s shooting in Telugu film ‘Sailaja Reddy Alludu’. A 25-day filming has been signed for the film. In this way he was paid 1.50 crores for 25 days. In fact Ramya Krishnan’s salary is higher than South Indian actresses. Also read this: Rakul Preet Singh is Drug Addicted?

The reason to leave Bollywood?

Ramya Krishnan has worked on Hindi films ‘Khalnayak’, ‘Criminal’, ‘Shapat’ and ‘Bade Miya Choti Miyan’. When asked why he took a break from Bollywood even after doing such good films. ‘I didn’t take a break,’ Ramya Krishnan told. In fact my films weren’t doing well and I took no interest in the offers (it came to them). Meanwhile, he claimed that I was doing good in South Indian films.

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