Oxygen production drops in Karnataka, state scampers to cover the loss with outside assistance | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: Karnataka, on Monday morning issued a critical notice to all the 31 districts in the state that there will be an unforeseen drop in the allocation of the medical oxygen to each of it on account of two oxygen plants in Ballari being unable to produce as much as 220 metric tonnes.
The drop is expected to be at 20 per cent of its allocation.
It is said, on Sunday, two oxygen plants of Air Water and Praxiar in Ballari tripped and was forced to be shut down on account of maintenance work to be conducted on them.
The maintenance and restoration of the two plants is expected to be completed by Wednesday.
As a result of the unforeseen crisis, the state government on Monday was scampering to cover the demand of oxygen by the districts which continues to see a steady consumption.
DPAR secretary and Oxygen supply nodal officer, Munish Moudgil issued an emergency notice to the districts asking them to prepare for a reduced allocation for the next 48 hours.
“… For the next 2 days, there is likely to be a reduction of 20% supply per day to all districts. Manage your oxygen usage carefully. Inform all hospitals and refillers,” the note read.
Moudgil has asked the deputy commissioners to prepare and expect for 20% reduction in supplies to all refillers on Monday and Tuesday, inform all hospitals, optimise the expenditure of oxygen and plan your oxygen stocks and buffer stock usage now & use buffer stock if situation requires.
Later, explaining the position in detail, Moudgil went on to add that the state is getting “special supplies” but sporadic oxygen being brought from outside.
“We are getting special supplies daily. These are not regular allotments but sporadic arrivals. Today about 150 MT was brought by Linde and 109 MT came from Reliance foundation with another 68.8 MT from the same entity the day before,” he said.
Chief secretary P Ravi Kumar said the situation was being managed and that the government has also received enough oxygen from even the Middle East (150 MT) and another 114 MT from Jamnagar.
It is said though there has been a significant drop in the number of cases when compared to May first week, the demand for oxygen in the primarily BBMP area has not reduced due to the demand for ICU and ventilator beds.


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