Over 76,000 people get Covid vaccine in Delhi | Delhi News - Times of India

Over 76,000 people get Covid vaccine in Delhi | Delhi News – Times of India


NEW DELHI: Turnout for Covid vaccination continues to remain high with a total of 76,642 people turning out to get the jab on Tuesday till 6pm.
The turnout day before was 81,545 during the same time. A total of 34 hospitals are conducting vaccination 24 hours, though the number of visitors for vaccination was negligible after 9pm possibly due to night curfew being imposed in the capital from Tuesday.
The vaccination turnout was largely driven by 45-59 age group people and those receiving the first dose of the jab. A total of 44,076 people of 45-59 age group got the first dose while 21,353 people above 60 got the first dose. Only 491 frontline workers got the shot while 623 healthcare workers got the vaccine. The number of frontline workers and healthcare workers is low because a majority of them have been inoculated.
A total of 10,099 people got the second dose. The government started 24 hours vaccination from Tuesday but due to the night curfew people may be discouraged to get the vaccine after 10pm. The government has exempted people going for vaccination from the curfew.
Health minister Satyendar jain said 87,673 people received Covid vaccination in Delhi on Monday in which 23,737 people and 63,936 people were vaccinated through private and government hospitals respectively. “Around 27% in private and 73% people in government hospitals were given vaccination. Government centres utilised 95% of available slots whereas it was 67% in private hospitals. People are preferring government facilities for vaccination over private hospitals and the majority are going to government hospitals unlike before. More than 12 lakhs people have been given the vaccination in Delhi so far,” Jain said.


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