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NEW DELHI: Preparations are in full swing for the implementation of the One Nation, One Ration Card (ONORC) scheme before July end in the national capital.
The implementation will come as a blessing for thousands of migrant workers who get deprived of free or subsidised ration when they migrate to Delhi in search of jobs. Currently, all such migrant workers are unable to use the ration cards they have carried with them from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states to the capital. They have been worst hit during the coronavirus pandemic.
Almost all fair price shops have successfully conducted trial runs of e-PoS (electronic point of sale) machines and made sure that these are in functional state. Across Delhi’s over 2,000 fair price shops, the ePoS machines were not in use (except in Seemapuri circle where a trial run was being done) because after finding irregularities in the distribution, the government had suspended the ePoS machine use in April 2018.
Senior food department officials held two meetings in July second week to review the preparations with regard to the e-PoS machine. In the meeting, it was directed that at least 50 test transactions must be conducted on ePoS machines by all fair price shops. The IT branch of the food department, however, reported that despite passage of one week’s time, 117 fair price shops have not yet tested e-PoS devices even for a single transaction.
All the e-PoS devices were earlier tested in January this year, when the IT department had given online training to all fair price shop dealers regarding e-PoS operation. After strict order, all the fair price shops complied with e-PoS testing.
An official, who did not want to be identified, said that the government was likely to soon order implementation of the ONORC scheme in the national capital.
The Supreme Court on June 29 directed states and Union territories to implement ONORC scheme by July 31 and asked the central government to provide dry ration for free distribution among migrant workers till the Covid-19 situation persists. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people from various walks of life, but among the most hit are migrant workers who lost livelihood options due to lockdown and economic curbs.
The e-PoS machines are a must for the rollout of the ONORC scheme. Through e-PoS machines, the beneficiaries can be tracked and double lifting of ration can be checked. It is not possible in manual distribution, said Shailendra Kumar, president of Public Distribution System Welfare Association.


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