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Nothing swachh about Hyderabad public toilets, residents cry foul | Hyderabad News – Times of India

Nothing swachh about Hyderabad public toilets, residents cry foul | Hyderabad News - Times of India

HYDERABAD: Only 30 per cent of 3,000 public toilets in Hyderabad are in use and the rest are either rotting or in a bad shape. Residents allege that lakhs of rupees spent on these public toilets have gone down the drain as a majority of them are constructed around open garbage bins and are damaged.
In Amberpet, a public toilet opposite the GHMC ground, which was inaugurated six months ago, was kept locked. Shaik Salauddin, a resident of Amberpet, said: “They constructed this toilet here but it is of no use since it is always locked. When we asked the officials during one of their inspections, we were told that they would open it after laying a drainage line.”
The GHMC built 3,000 public toilets so far and opened them amid much fanfare claiming that Hyderabad is the only city in the country having so many toilets under the Swachh Hyderabad project.
However, when TOI visited these public toilets in various parts of the city, they were strewn with garbage and emitting a foul smell.
In many areas, especially in Old City, sanitary equipment, including doors, were either stolen or broken. A few days ago, municipal administration minister KT Rama Rao lashed out at municipal officials for tarnishing the image of the city by leaving the public toilets to the mercy of miscreants.
In Moghalpura area, a public toilet which was installed more than a year ago was found with broken doors and garbage strewn around it. “We have made several complaints to the authorities on ‘My GHMC’ app as well as on Twitter about the deplorable condition of public toilets.
No action has been taken till now. Neither do they clear the garbage or fix the broken equipment. At least four other public toilets in the surrounding areas are in a similar condition,” said Mohammed Ahmed, a resident of Shalibanda.
Senior officials, however, squarely blame miscreants for vandalising the equipment and also throwing and breaking beer bottles inside the toilets. “This has been happening despite our maintenance agencies cleaning and repairing the toilets several times.
We have now decided to track these people through CCTVs and file cases. As far as garbage mounds around the public toilets is concerned, we are getting them cleaned,” said Samrat Ashok, GHMC zonal commissioner (south zone).


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