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NOIDA: Monsoon showers have left many residents complaining over the lack of power infrastructure upkeep. From loosely hanging power wires entwined in trees and open panel boxes to voltage fluctuations, sparking and long outages, the residents claim there has been no redress despite repeated complaints.
The power situation in Arun Vihar — sectors 28, 29 and 37 — is particularly pathetic and deteriorating day by day. From unannounced daily outages for long periods to continuous voltage fluctuations leaving electrical appliances damaged, local residents say it’s a nightmare.
“On top of that, there’s poor maintenance of transformers, some of which almost burst during monsoon showers. There are also loosely hanging electricity wires at many places, posing threat to the residents,” said Col IP Singh (retd), chairman of Arun Vihar Residents Welfare Association (AVRWA).
According to Col Singh, the situation has reached a stage where residents have lost total faith in the power department. “We mostly have senior, very elderly retired Army officers in their 80s, living in the sectors who have had enough of empty promises. Their discomfort during long outages should be addressed soon.”
SK Jain, a resident of Sector 92, alleged that all over Noida, feeder pillars are in a very bad shape, their covers or doors missing, while cables are lying in the open or on the ground or inside drains.
“As many as 13 panel boxes of 400 kV have been placed in Sector 18. Doors of all the boxes are open. This is very dangerous and risky for humans and as well as stray animals roaming around,” said Jain, the president of Sector 18 Market Association.
Anil Kumar Singh, the RWA president of Sector 53, also complained about the broken poles and hanging cables in the area.
“The work of replacing electricity poles in Sector 53 started about two to three months ago. But till date, it is not complete. Some poles have been erected with base foundations. But rainwater gets filled on the roads posing risks to passersby. Then there are some poles that are not connected to the wires.”
When contacted, a power department official said that during the monsoon, it’s a challenge to get work done on time as heavy showers disrupt repair work. “We have to wait till the time the water recedes from the areas to carry out repair work. But we will soon redress the problem of open boxes and poles,” he said.


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