No bottoms up for Hyderabad, Telangana districts lead in drinking | Hyderabad News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: Alcohol consumption among Hyderabad’s men and women seems to be much lower than those living in other parts of Telangana.
At least that’s what the latest National Family Health Survey (NHFS-5) data suggests. It’s numbers show that about 43 per cent of men in the districts — aged 15 to 49 years — are liquor enthusiasts while the count in the city is just about 28 per cent. It is closely followed by Adilabad at 28.3 per cent.
The NHFS-5 data debunks another stereotype: That most working women drink in Hyderabad. In fact, according to it, women — in the same age group — figure at the bottom of the charts with a meagre 0.7 per cent of them consuming alcohol. Another intriguing revelation in the report comes from Khammam. The district that received over 7,000 applications in the recent liquor auction — highest in the state — has just 31.8 per cent of men who enjoy their alcohol.
Interestingly, it’s the small and rural district of Jangaon that has maximum men — 60.6 per cent— hitting the bottle. It is followed by Yadadari Bhongir district (58.4 per cent), Mahbubabad (56.5 per cent), Nagarkurnool (55.5 per cent), Warangal Rural (54.4 per cent) Medak (54 per cent) Jayashankar Bhupalpalli (53.1 per cent), Nalgonda (51.4 per cent) and Siddipet (50.3 per cent).
Sources in the government say that while population density may be a factor leading to these startling findings, the percentage of people drinking in cities may also be lower due to high level of awareness among them about the health risks associated with alcohol. “While the city has the largest number of liquor stores, they contribute more towards sales than consumption percentage,” said an industry insider.


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