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PATNA: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Monday said he is waiting for an appointment to meet PM Narendra Modi to discuss the issue of caste census in the country.
Nitish had on August 3 written a letter to PM Modi to seek his appointment for having a meeting with a delegation of Bihar’s political parties to discuss the demand of caste-based census across the country.
“I had sent my letter to the PM on August 3. That letter was received in the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) on August 4. The PMO sent a letter to us on August 13, acknowledging the receipt of my letter. Now, when the PMO has said that it has received my letter, the respectable ‘Pradhanmantri Ji’ will give an appointment when he will think it proper. When he (PM) will give an appointment, I will go to meet him. Till this issue (of appointment) is not cleared, I will not say any new thing on the issue of caste-census. … I am waiting for his (PM’s) appointment,” Nitish said while responding to a media query.
Some people say that the state government itself should conduct caste-wise census. “But right now, we want the Centre to take a decision to hold caste-wise census across the country,” he said while answering a question asked to him.
“Until we hold a talk with the PM, and something comes out before us during the talk, after that, we (all political parties in Bihar) will sit together to discuss the issue. How can we announce in a day that we will hold caste-census on its own in the state? Nitish asked.
“Earlier, I have already said that one state has conducted a caste-wise census. If we have to do a caste census on our own, we will hold talks with all political parties. When we will take a decision it will be unanimous with the consent of all. But is it a different matter. Right now, we want the Centre to hold a caste-census,” Bihar CM said.
Nitish and his party JD(U) has made a strong pitch for caste-based census ever since the Centre informed in the Parliament that caste-wise enumeration of population would be held only for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.
Bihar CM feels that a caste-based census will help better formulation and implementation of schemes meant for welfare of different social groups.
Bihar assembly had unanimously passed a resolution on February 18, 2019 and again on February 27, 2020, seeking caste-wise enumeration of population during the next census.

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