Netizens feel Bengaluru too hot to handle now | Bengaluru News - Times of India

Netizens feel Bengaluru too hot to handle now | Bengaluru News – Times of India


BENGALURU: With soaring temperature rendering nights sleepless and days dizzy, Bengalureans on Monday took to the social media to vent their frustration over how the ‘air-conditioned city is turning into an oven’.
“In last 4 days Bangalore’s weather took a turn for the worst & is now it’s suddenly extremely hot & dry. Aur ussi ke sath sath heat boils bhi shuru ho gaye hai (now heat boils have started with the rising temperature),” Pradnya tweeted. Responded to a tweet about summers in Mumbai, Usha Iyer tweeted: “Bangalore is no less. Have constant heat headaches.”
The heat coupled with Covid scare has dampened the Holi spirits of many residents. Rachna Parmar, nutritionist and health coach, tweeted: “This is one Holi when I made nothing special. The heat and the rising Covid cases is driving me nuts.”
The bigger worry on Bengalureans’ mind was that the months ahead could only get hotter and power cuts and water shortage could make worsen things. Ramakrishna Pandith tweeted: “We can feel the heat now. It’s just about March, next 2-3 months would be burning hot.”
The soaring heat has perplexed Bengalureans who reminisced wearing monkey caps and sweaters during March-April. Mahesh Kumar, a designer, said he cannot imagine this is the same city where he wore a sweater to school all around the year. “I used to wear a monkey cap to school in the morning. I remember the exam months around March would be pleasant with chilly mornings. This heat is scary,” he said.
Several Twitterati attributed this to indiscriminate cutting of trees. “About 10 years ago, there was no such thing as heat in Bangalore. Due to extreme tree felling and dried-up ponds, it’s become hot. They must make Bangalore green again, and restore ponds,” Prestige tweeted.
Netizens like Priloza began second-guessing decisions to move to Bengaluru for the weather. “Feeling the heat. Who else moved here for ‘the weather?” she tweeted.
Ruchi Singh, a techie, told TOI that she had moved to the city 10 years ago from Delhi, hoping to bid adieu to scorching summers. “We never thought about installing an air conditioner,” Singh said.
People also raised concern about cabs unwilling to switch on the AC and the lack of tinted glasses turning cars into ‘ovens on wheels.’
Jeba tweeted: “So 8 years back, courts decided to ban tinted glasses and sun films due to illegal activities. It is 2021 now, how much of the crimes have reduced due to this? Only the travellers are suffering from heat and burning millions in AC fuel.”


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