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NAVI MUMBAI: Four Indian rock pythons were rescued between Chirle and Jasai areas in Uran amid heavy rains on Thursday. With the help of the range forest officials, the pythons were later released at a safe forested area.
“Three of the four rescued pythons were found inside a container yard near Jasai, while the fourth Indian rock python was entangled in a fisherman’s net nearby. The natural habitats of these reptiles had become flooded in the heavy rains, which is why they had to take refuge inside the container yard and other places,” said activist Anand Madhvi of Vanyajeev Nisarg Savrakshan Sanstha (VNSS).
Local forest department official S Kadam along with other range forest officials physically checked the four rescued Indian rock pythons and later safely released them in another forested area where chances of human-animal conflict are minimal.

Officials hold the Indian rock pythonsbefore it was safely released into forest area.

“It is fortunate that some of the local villagers who had the contact numbers of VNSS immediately called us, and so we were able to rescue the snakes before they could be harmed,” added Madhvi.
The biggest python was of 10 feet in length while the other reptiles were seven feet to nine feet long.
Citizens are requested to inform the state forest helpline number 1926, or the local fire brigade and forest range officials in case they see any snakes in their locality.
It is illegal to harm or kill snakes as they are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. One can be jailed for a maximum of seven years for killing such a protected reptile species.


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