Navi Mumbai Covid Deaths: Zero deaths witnessed in 29 of 52 days in Navi Mumbai | Navi Mumbai News – Times of India

NAVI MUMBAI: With the number of fresh Covid cases declining now, the NMMC area has witnessed zero deaths for 29 days in the last 52 days in October and November.
The zero-casualty started from early September and the month had 12 days when zero death were reported. Owing to this, the case fatality rate (CFR) now stands at 1.80%. The NMMC continues to conduct an average of 7k tests with the contact tracing rate of 1:30. The recovery rate has reached an all- time high at 97.92%.
The cumulative number of casualties in October-November is 36, lowest since April last year, which had recorded four deaths and later the number jumped to 70 deaths in May 2020. The total death toll has reached 1,966 now in NMMC jurisdiction out of 1.09 lakh people that have tested Covid positive so far. The NMMC has focused on target testing and total number of tests have crossed 22 lakhs.


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