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MUMBAI: Two lawyers who were meeting up with their clients at a property in Dahisar (West) were brutally attacked with swords and rods by a mob of about 20 people in broad daylight on Sunday.
A preliminary probe suggests a dispute over the ownership rights of the land was the motive of the attack. Three people were arrested by the MHB Colony police after video clips of the assault went viral over social media.
Advocate Satyadev Joshi was to meet his client Tauqir Khan and developer Divyesh Desai at Dahisar’s Kandarpada area along with Desai’s lawyer, Ankit Tandon.
Khan and Desai are planning to construct a school on a 4500 square metre plot located at Kandarpada. Khan had purchased the plot in the eighties from one Deubaee Thakur. But Thakur’s relatives have also laid claim to the ownership of the property.
“Desai and Khan had conducted a survey of the property earlier on Saturday morning. We met the clients around 3 pm and were planning to travel to Desai’s office together to get some agreements drafted. Suddenly a mob of 15 to 20 men and women landed up. A heated argument broke out as they tried to remove a signboard from the property,” Joshi said. The altercation took a different turn when members of the mob started bringing out swords, rods and sticks from autorickshaws.
Joshi said he stood behind a car as he was neither acquainted with the members of the mob nor was involved personally in the dispute. “But the group still came after me,” added Joshi.
He repeatedly told the men that he was a lawyer but to no avail. “We could have sat with documents and sorted the matter out. What was the need of bringing in swords? In the middle of a busy road, the mob went after me and my clients and slashed us repeatedly. We were hospitalised and I had to be administered stitches on my fingers and legs, besides being treated for serious cuts on my back, head, hand and shoulder. Tandon is unable to open one of his eyes after being struck,” said Joshi.
In his statement to the police, Desai named 11 people including Thakur’s relatives and two builders with whom the property dispute is ongoing. But the police did not reveal the identities of the three persons that they have arrested. A case of an attempt to commit murder and rioting has been registered.


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