Mason from Bengaluru stabs wife to death | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: A 25-year-old mason was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly murdering his wife at his house.
Sayed Shakir, 25, a resident of Chandra Layout, allegedly stabbed his wife Baby Ayesha, 20, to death and fled on Monday. Shakir and Ayesha were married for six years. The couple had two children and were living near Ayesha’s mother’s house. Shakir, an alcoholic, had stopped going to work and was dependent on his in-laws for money, police said.
Shakir suspected his wife’s character and used to beat her whenever he saw her talking to men in the neighbourhood. He fought with her over a petty issue before stabbing her. The children were with their grandparents when the incident happened.


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