Left rubbishes ex foreign secretary’s claim that China utilised its proximity with them to scuttle Indio-US N-deal | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Left parties on Tuesday dismissed as “absolutely baseless and unfounded” a claim by former foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale in his book that China utilised its proximity with the Left to scuttle the Indio-US Nuclear deal.
CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury said the Left parties opposed the Indo-US nuclear deal because it was an agreement that would have compromised India’s strategic autonomy and independent foreign policy.
“It was a deal initiated by the United States to get India aboard on a military and strategic alliance. It had no real value for India’s energy security. More than a decade later, events have confirmed this. There has been no expansion of even a megawatt of civilian nuclear power in the country. All that has happened is that India has become a subordinate ally of the United States with close military ties,” Yechury said.
In his book, Gokhale said that China might have used the Left’s aversion to the US to get it to raise the tempo against the India-US nuclear deal. He said the Left parties were subtly lobbied on the issue even as China kept a safe distance. The former official has long experience in dealing with China affairs when in service and is a Mandarin speaker.
The Left parties took their stand keeping in mind the concern for India’s sovereignty and strategic independence and had nothing, whatsoever, to do with China, Yechury said, adding that the BJP, the major opposition party at the time of the Indo-Nuclear US Deal, had supported CPM in opposing the nuclear deal in Parliament.
CPI Rajya Sabha MP Binoy Viswam also dismissed the former foreign secretary’s claim as nonsensical and undeserving of a response. “There are instances when BJP Party delegation travelled to China at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese embassy hosted BJP leaders. We believe in a healthy exchange of views. But BJP, because of its blind anti-communist stand is unable to see this. We Communists are more patriotic than any bureaucrat or leaders of the right-wing,” he added.

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