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HYDERABAD: Telangana scored a moral victory with the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) deciding to convene a full board meeting on August 27 in Hyderabad.
Telangana has been demanding that a full board meeting be held and refused to attend coordination committee meeting on implementation of the gazette notification finalising jurisdiction of Krishna and Godavari rivers.
The KRMB decided to discuss various issues raised by Telangana, especially on 50:50 share in Krishna waters for both Telangana and AP instead of 34:64 ratio till finalisation of water sharing issue and carryover of unutilised share of water by Telangana to the next water year. The KRMB will also discuss diversion of Godavari waters by AP.
The KRMB said in the earlier meetings held in 2017, 2018 and January and June 2020, it was decided that the working arrangements for sharing of Krishna waters would be 66:34 for AP and Telangana respectively.
“Since the Telangana irrigation department has asked for ad hoc arrangement of water share 50:50, it may be discussed by the board,” the KRMB said. On carryover of unutilised water, the KRMB said it had asked for P government’s views on this. AP had said the surplus and unutilised water storage becomes a common storage for both the states and hence, need to be shared with it. “As there was no consensus on the issue, the issue was referred to the ministry of Jal Shakti,” the KRMB said.
Meanwhile, Telangana irrigation engineer-in-chief C Muralidhar wrote a letter to the KRMB to provide the detailed project report copy of Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme (RLIS) to Telangana.


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