Keeladi excavations: Animal figurine found at Agaram | Chennai News – Times of India

MADURAI: An animal figurine, which seems to have been hand-modelled out of terracotta, has been found at Agaram in the Keeladi cluster in Tamil Nadu.
Site director and deputy director of archaeology Dr R Sivanantham said the specimen was found at a depth of 167 cm. It is about 6.5 cm in length, and about 4.3 cm in width. It might have been a toy, he added.
The head was broken, and a circular cavity is seen where the head may have been. The surface is crude, and finger made impressions have been used on the body.
All the legs are broken except for the right foreleg which is short because a portion of it has been broken. The body has been made to look bulged and stout. There is no tail attached to it. He said that as much of the details were lost, they were unable to determine what animal it could have been.


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