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Karnataka tops vaccination coverage across south; 6th in India | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: While Karnataka needs to raise the bar in Covid management, it’s not doing too badly on the vaccination front, ranking 6th with 1.3 crore doses administered. Though it’s way behind table-topper Maharashtra (2.1 crore doses), it tops the list in south India, with states like Andhra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana yet to reach the 1 crore mark.
These rankings are as per data at 11pm on Friday on the Co-Win dashboard.
In Karnataka, among those aged above 45 years, over 20 lakh persons have got both doses of the vaccine, and more than 83 lakh have got one jab.
In the 18-44 years age group, 8.5 lakh have taken the first dose since May 1. On Saturday alone 1,06,668 got jabbed with the first dose in this age group.
Senior officers of the health department admit the urgent need to ramp up vaccination, which can be done only through increased supplies from the Centre.
There is vaccine eagerness now among the public, unlike the scenario in January. We have made vaccines available for all above 45 years. Given the current shortage, it’s not possible to open up vaccination for the 18-44 years group, and hence priority groups have been chosen. The need, however, is to vaccinate everyone above 18 years at the earliest,” a senior IAS officer said.
Dr MK Sudarshan, chairperson, Technical Advisory Committee, said we need to speed up vaccination, but that depends on availability. “Supply is the major constraint now. The state is geared up to do more vaccinations provided vaccines are supplied in sufficient quantities. Maximum coverage will help in the long run,” he said.
Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association (PHANA) president Dr H M Prasanna said the state’s coverage would have more than doubled had the Centre continued the supplies to private hospitals. “These hospitals were dropped off the process from May 1. That was a wrong strategy. PHANA had shouldered the responsibility of vaccination and 75% of inoculation was done in private hospitals in Bengaluru,” he added.


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