Kangna Ranaut Shiv Sena is now Sonia Sena

Kangna Ranaut Shiv Sena is now Sonia Sena: Kangna’s fight against Maharashtra government!

Bollywood actress kangna ranaut has turned against the Maharashtra government. Arriving from Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday, they visited the BMC demolition building today (Sept. 10).

Actress kangna ranaut has continued her barrage against the Maharashtra government. BMC officials had demolished part of the building belonging to Kangna only on Wednesday. Authorities have brought the JCB and demolished some of the building on charges of illegally build it. Kangna was outraged over this. Today (Sep.10), he watched his office building. This time he has continued his barrage.

He called the Maharashtra government a mix-up and called the BMC officials. ‘Bal Tha Saheb Thackeray founded a Shiv Sena party on a theory. But, it has been sold for power. Shiv Sena is now Sonia Sena. BMC is not called a civic body. Those goons have torn down my house. I am not insulting the Constitution, ”said Kangana.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Raut, the senior leader of the Shiv Sena, has said that Kangna’s is the finished chapter. It is learned that a lawyer has lodged a complaint against Kangna on charges of making derogatory remarks against Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

Kangna had made a statement yesterday against CM Uddhav Thackeray. ‘Today my house is broken. Tomorrow your pride will break. Recall this is a time cycle. Not always the same. I think you did me a favor. Because I knew what Kashmiri Pandits were like. But today I experienced it myself. Not only Ayodhya, but I will also make a film about Kashmir.

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