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NEW DELHI: In what can be music to ears of those critical of judiciary’s foray into executive and legislative domains, the Supreme Court on Tuesday minced no words in ruling that judges and lawyers are no experts to examine the suitability or effectiveness of the government’s economic or financial policy decisions and suggest alternatives.
The SC said lawyers and judges ordinarily do not have domain knowledge in these fields. “Economic and fiscal regulatory measures are a field where judges should encroach upon very warily as they are not experts in these matters,” it said.
These remarks came from a bench of justices Ashok bhushan, RS Reddy and MR Shah, which rejected pleas for increasing the span of the economic packages announced last year by the Union government to provide relief to pandemic hit economic activities.
Writing the judgment, Justice shah said, “What is best in the national economy and in what manner and to what extent the financial reliefs / packages be formulated, offered and implemented is ultimately to be decided by the government and RBI on the aid and advice of the experts”.
“These are exclusively within the province of the central government. Such matters do not ordinarily attract the power of judicial review, ”Justice Shah said. The bench said what is for the court to examine is the legality of the policy and not the wisdom or soundness behind it.


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