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NEW DELHI: With the IPCC report noting for urgent need to have more sustained action to save the world from the climate crisis, India on Monday termed its findings a “clarion call for the developed countries”, asking rich nations to go for immediate deep emission cuts considering how their cumulative emissions have pushed the world to current crisis.
“The report reaffirms India’s position that historical cumulative emissions are the source of the current climate crisis,” said environment minister Bhupender Yadav while articulating the country’s position and response to the IPCC’s scientific findings.

Underlining that India’s cumulative and per capita emissions are significantly low and far less than the fair share of global carbon budget, Yadav said, “The report is a clarion call for the developed countries to undertake immediate deep emission cuts and decarbonisation of their economies.”
His remarks assume significance in view of a global pitch from various stakeholders, including rich nations, to bring India along with China and others on a ‘net-zero’ emission trajectory sooner than later even as the country time and again reminded them of its track record of fulfilling all promises of climate actions under the Paris Agreement.

Referring to the report, India, in a statement, flagged how developed countries have, in fact, usurped far more than their fair share of the global carbon budget.
Noting that merely “reaching net-zero alone is not enough”, India said, “This has been amply borne out in the IPCC report. It vindicates India’s position that historical cumulative emissions are the source of the climate crisis that the world faces today.”
The IPCC report noted that carbon dioxide has been and will continue to be the dominant cause of global warming under all greenhouse gas emissions scenarios.
On India’s role to fight the menace of climate change, Yadav said the country has already taken numerous steps to tackle the global problem of climate change and is well on the path of decoupling its emissions from economic growth.
India said it has already taken multiple actions including setting up of International Solar Alliance, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, raising the domestic renewable energy target to 450 GW by 2030 and putting in place an ambitious National Hydrogen Mission to deal with the problem of climate change.
“India’s actions to address global climate change are 2 degree Celsius compliant and rated highly by several independent agencies of the world,” said the country’s statement while flagging its works on promised climate actions under the Paris Agreement.

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