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Hyderabad: Young techie helps Covid-hit with logistics and essentials | Hyderabad News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: T Sowmya, a young techie with a software giant, has been arranging logistics for Covid-19 patients post discharge. She is also helping Covid-19 widows set up sources of income, coordinating tele consultations and supplying medicines and food. The most fulfilling experience for Sowmya was when she helped a pregnant woman from a village far away to deliver her baby in Hyderabad pre-empting complications.
“This pandemic has devastated many lives. The feeling of waking up every day to news of death in known circles, the cries of help by the needy, helplessness of scores of people due to lack of awareness, alternative measures, finances and health support system moved me. The digital presence of the ecosystem is helping us bridge the most critical and widest gap among patients, hospitals, pharma industry and government,” Sowmya said.
She has been donating medical essentials to Covid-19 hospitals offering free treatment for the poor (Aakar Asha Hospital, Kukatpally) and orphanages (Amma Nanna Anadha Ashramam for mentally challenged senior citizens at Choutuppal) and extending monetary support to Covid-hit families. She also coordinates among government, pharma distributors and patients’ attendants for life-saving drugs.
Sowmya told TOI that the most rewarding experience for her was to help a pregnant woman deliver baby in Hyderabad ensuring that there are no complications. “When the father of the baby called and gave the good news, there were no limits to my joy. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of MLC K Kavitha and strategic intervention,” she said.
Soumya juggles between household chores, taking care of her parents, meeting stringent deadlines at work to ensuring round-the-clock service to Covid-19 affected people daily. “It is a very challenging, yet fulfilling experience,” she said.


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