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How unsuspected flyers become drug mules | Delhi News – Times of India

How unsuspected flyers become drug mules | Delhi News - Times of India

NEW DELHI: A syndicate called the “Kasaragod Network”, which uses unsuspecting individuals to smuggle drugs from India to middle-eastern countries, is currently being tracked by Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The authorities at airports in Qatar arrest 10-15 Indians with narcotics every month and a majority of such cases are linked to this network.
Intelligence reports have revealed that the key members of this network are based in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kerala and Bengaluru and communicate through VoIP. The developments have resulted in NCB director general Rakesh Asthana ordering a crackdown on this syndicate.

The mastermind of the Kerala module is believed to be lodged in Qatar jail. KPS Malhotra, NCB deputy director, said this module had placed narcotics in the baggage of a young Indian couple after gifting them a honeymoon package in 2019. The couple was acquitted on March 29 after Indian authorities pursued the case for two years.
The syndicate operates from 6-7 airports across the country. At least 100 members of this syndicate are under NCB’s scanner, sources said. “The members are present in Wayanad (Kerala), Madikeri, Mangalore and Kodagu (Karnataka), Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa and Delhi,” said an official.
In fact, Delhi has emerged as the major sourcing point with intelligence suggesting that hashish is stocked here after being smuggled from J&K, Nepal and Himachal Pradesh. Similarly, cocaine and other psychotropic substances are sourced from syndicates involving African mules active in west Delhi and other areas.
In the case of the young couple that was jailed in Doha, NCB has arrested six key operatives till now, including Munees KP, a top member of the network. His brother, Mohsin KP, is the kingpin of the Kerala module and is believed to be in Qatar jail. Two other key members, Ashraf and KK Bro, are also lodged in Qatar jail. Ashraf is one of the top players, while Bro is a Nigerian who handles African-origin mules and their operations in India.
NCB said it was in touch with Qatar authorities to get specific details about the syndicate members based there. “Indian drug traffickers use the Kasaragod Network from various airports in south and west India,” Malhotra said.


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