How to avoid acne? How to look beautiful?

How to avoid acne? How to look beautiful? Then Don’t make these mistakes if you have acne on your face.

Many times, acne scars don’t go away. There are many reasons for that. Sometimes even making these mistakes will not heal the acne. Read this article to find out what those mistakes are.

If pimples on the face, most people will break it. But no one thinks of the difficulties of doing so. But it is important to find out what acne is and when it comes to acne, it is important to know what we should do or should not do. What to do about face pimples? What are the consequences of doing so? Given that.

What did the Expairement say?

Acne is most commonly found in adolescents. These pimples are not only large, but also painful. Plus pus. A 2011 Expairement say in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that acne caused by hormonal imbalance during adolescence, followed by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) problem, uterine fibroids and other diseases, other skin problems and acne medications.

The skin is likely to become infected

Whatever your age, acne has nothing to do with it. Keep in mind that acne is not only exacerbating, but also affects your skin health or infection. So first let’s know what not to do when it comes to acne.

What happen if broke the acne?

Most people say that getting rid of acne or slowing them down will ease us. But in doing so, most people will not only blame themselves but also make acne worse by using unsafe methods. If the pimples are touched, pierced, or worn, the process may be delayed, leaving the mark on the wound.

Heat with hot cloth for acne?

Heat with hot cloth around acne (hot compress) will relieve pain. You may think it can heal faster. But this method is not correct. In fact heat can irritate the acne space. It also causes more pain and slowly heals acne.

Using dirty make-up brushes

Harmful bacteria accumulate in makeup brushes that are not properly cleaned. These bacteria are more likely to be transferred to your skin. Not only does it damage the skin, it also worsens acne.

Don’t forget to wash makeup

Makeup hides your skin pores. If you use makeup too often to cover up acne or forget to remove it, your skin may take longer to heal. Therefore it is very important to clean your skin even if it does not have acne.


It is not advisable to over-wash the acne. If washed excessively, it will over-dry your skin. This greatly increases the production of sebum (natural oil). It can cause skin rashes. Also read this: About What is Roasted Green Tea.

If sleeping on a dirty bed

Before going to bed, follow all the steps to clean, hydrate and hydrate your face. But if your bed and blankets are dirty at the end of the day, your skin will be irritated. Bacteria from old bed covers can transfer to your skin, which can further aggravate the acne on your face.

If your phone is not clean

Everyone still uses mobile. Mobile touch to your face is something you should be aware of even when using mobile. You can forget about cleaning your phone. But it comes in close contact with your mobile face. Any bacteria coming from the mobile screen can easily be transferred to your face and acne can increase. So clean your mobile screen regularly to avoid acne.

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