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TRICHY/COIMBATORE: Health authorities in several districts have become more stringent in allowing home isolation despite fresh Covid-19 infections seeing a downward trend in the state.
The tightening of norms stems from the high number of deaths reported among patients under home isolation who apparently were hesitant to get admitted to hospitals soon after their health deteriorated.
However, while Trichy, Coimbatore and Tirupur districts have restricted the home isolation option, things appear to be a bit liberal in Chennai and Madurai where ‘eligible’ positive cases can still self-isolate.
In Trichy, the city corporation has told private hospitals not to suggest home isolation for Covid-positive cases.
This despite fresh infections in the city falling by 60% compared to the scene in May. Positive cases are told to get screened at government medical college hospital and 14 administrative blocks.
Only after the medical team is convinced after checking the vitals is home isolation permitted provided the patient has proper facilities.
In Tirupur, the health department has been lodging those who had undergone tests at interim Covid care centres (ICCCs) to prevent the risk of Covid patients becoming spreaders.
Once the results are out, they will be moved either to hospitals or CCC based on the doctor’s recommendation. “
We have completely stopped allowing people to isolate at home since May 27,” an official of the health department said.
In Coimbatore, the health department is limiting the home isolation option to just a few patients provided they have sufficient facility. The city corporation has formed teams to enquire and confirm that those who opted for home isolation are strictly following norms.
A majority of the fresh cases in Coimbatore are lodged either at CCCs or at hospitals depending on the severity of the infection.
The availability of beds due to the reduced infection rate is another reason why the norms for home isolation were tightened.
As the six Covid care centres (CCC) in Trichy district had only less than 20% occupancy as of Sunday, milder infections are referred to CCC.
“We are giving priority to CCC for monitoring mild infection cases over home isolation based on the saturated oxygen level.
Though this it to avoid late admissions resulting in deaths, genuine cases will be permitted,” a senior health official in Trichy said. Curiously, the health authorities were less stringent in awarding home isolation option when the cases were peaking.


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