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NEW DELHI: A spate of crimes against senior citizens in the last two months seems to have raised a question mark on their safety and security in the city. Whether it be the murder of the 70-year-old wife of a former Union minister in Vasant Vihar or the murder of a septuagenarian in Mohan Garden, several incidents involving elderly people have been reported in a short span of time.
Delhi Police claims to have made quick arrests in most of these cases and that the killers were known to most of the victims. The cops said they are taking various measures to enhance the security of senior citizens, and the beat officers as well as the area SHOs have been sensitised to the special security needs of the elderly.
Police data shows that there are 39,223 senior citizens in Delhi, with 1,272 having been added to the group this year, who don’t live with their sons or daughters or families. A majority of the victims in recent crimes were alone at home at the time of the crime.
This was the case in Kitty Kumaramangalam’s murder in Vasant Vihar. The cops said she was not enrolled as a senior citizen because her daughter lived with her. “Moreover, her son also stays with her during the time he is in Delhi,” an officer said. “All her identity documents, like the Aadhaar card, are made out to this address. That is why she was not enrolled as a senior citizen.”
In the Mohan Garden case, the victim, Kavita Grover, lived with her son and daughter but was alone because they had gone out of town. Similarly, in Burari, a 65-year-old woman was killed when she was alone at home after her son and his wife had stepped out to visit a relative. The police have arrested her son’s restaurant employee for the crime.
While a criminal out on bail had murdered a senior citizen at his home when robbing the man, a 75-year-old woman was killed during a robbery bid at her home in west Delhi’s Janakpuri in June.
Many elderly people admitted that police conducted checks and visited those living alone, but they hoped for boosted security arrangements. A west Delhi resident said police needed to beef up the area patrolling and keep a keen watch on people visiting a locality.
In Vasant Kunj, a senior citizen said, “We would feel more secure if the beat officer visited our house frequently and regularly verified the workers in the colony. Many times, friends and acquaintances of such workers enter the locality without let or hindrance and this makes one vulnerable.”
Regarding their initiatives, a police officer said that there was a helpline and security cell in place for the safety of senior citizens. “Officers from the Senior Citizen Security Cell, Police HQ, pay visits to some of the elderly people every day by turn. During such visits, the physical security of the house is also looked into. The status of domestic helps, whether verified or not, and whether the old citizens are residing alone or with spouses are also ascertained. We get their feedback on policing and implementation of safety measures.”


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