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Health Tips: Laugh openly to increase oxygen level in the body, know the benefits of laughing therapy

Health Tips: Laugh openly to increase oxygen level in the body, know the benefits of laughing therapy

There is a lack of oxygen in people infected with corona. People are getting upset in this situation. Tension and fear in people has increased significantly. Due to this fear and stress, people’s immunity is also getting weaker. In such a situation, if you want to beat the corona, then for this you should laugh and smile after taking fear. Yes, laughter is not only necessary to make our life happy but our health is also improved by laughter.

Laughing also increases the oxygen level in our body. Not only this, you can beat the epidemic like corona by laughing happily. Laughter can also increase the immunity of the body. Even to beat the tension, it is necessary to laugh. Laughing increases the oxygen level. Apart from this, there are many other benefits as well.

Benefits of laughing

Oxygen level increases- Many research has found that in laughing, our body exercises deep breathing and exhaling. With this, there is proper circulation of oxygen in the body. Laughing keeps the oxygen level in our body fine and feels energetic all day.

Blood pressure normal remains Actually, laughter is also related to the blood circulation of our body. It has been revealed in many research that the blood pressure of people who laugh openly is better than other people. That is why we should laugh openly.

Immunity increases – In this era of Corona, what are people not doing to increase immunity. But you will be surprised to know that immunity also increases by laughing. Which gives the body the strength to fight against diseases. Laughing increases anti-viral and infection-inhibiting cells in the body.

Relieve pain – Laughing brings relief in many types of pain. For example, spondylitis or back pain also relaxes. Loughing therapy provides relief in pain. Not only this, if you laughter for 10 minutes, you can get relief from pain or sleep easily.

Positive thinking will remain Laughing produces the hormone endorphins in the body, which makes the whole body feel happy, positivity and good. This hormone causes mood freshness.

Stress is reduced Laughing therapy also protects against mental and physical problems. Laughing is very important for you. Depression also keeps away from it. Laughing openly reduces all stress. With this you can remain relaxed.

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