Have eaten more junk food on Holi, there may be intestinal problems, know about some healthy food here

Have eaten more junk food on Holi, there may be intestinal problems, know about some healthy food here

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The festive seasons mostly spoil the healthy eating routine. Fried food, sweets and carbohydrate-rich food are included in our dish. If you want to reintroduce your bowels in the best possible way, then the advice of Dr. Archana Batra can be effective. Dieticians have suggested some readily available food ingredients that can help in the restoration of intestinal health.

He told, “The gut and brain are connected to millions of nerve cells, and for good reason, the intestine is often called the second brain. When your gut health is poor, your brain health has to pay for depression and anxiety. is.” 80 percent of our immunity system relies on the millions of intestinal bacteria that help digest food, produce serotonin, and enhance your immune system.

“This delicate balance can be disrupted by over-consumption of sugar, pesticides in vegetables, and even the use of medicines,” says Dietician. In such a situation you should know which material to use.

Ginger- Ginger has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which help in fighting infection. You can add ginger to many foods, but it is best to eat raw, especially when the enzymes are still alive and fresh. If you do not like the taste of ginger, then ginger can be taken with capsules.

Vegetable- Vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage contain sulfur and anti-oxidants which works to reduce inflammation in the body. Being rich in fiber, these vegetables can also help in clearing the colon. Broccoli is a treasure of nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin D which helps in protecting your body from infection. Vegetables should be cooked and eaten to benefit the intestine.

Apple vinegar- Many intestinal problems are the result of less acid in the stomach, allowing pathogens to grow. We can include apple vinegar in our daily routine. It will help in digesting the food properly, detoxing the body and will also balance the pH level of the body. Pectin is found in apple vinegar. Pectin acts as a major source of prebiotics for the intestine.

Ginger- Fresh ginger helps to produce acid in the stomach. Add fresh grated ginger to the soup, smoothie. Blow hot water over grated ginger so that fresh ginger tea can be made.

Surely try these things of kitchen on Holi, skin, mouth, eyes will do safety with colors

Today Holi is celebrated in the country, ban on playing public Holi in many states, Metro service stopped till noon in Delhi

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