Haemophilia: Know some facts, causes and symptoms of this situation less familiar

Haemophilia: Know some facts, causes and symptoms of this situation less familiar

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Haemophilia is a rare condition in which blood does not freeze properly. It affects most men. People have very little information about him. Bleeding can be fatal when vital organs such as those inside the brain. When you get hurt and start bleeding from wounds, then you know that bleeding will stop after some time. The bleeding stops because the blood starts settling on the wound and this is the norm which happens to every person young and old.

Our blood accumulates and it starts recovering. But what if we continue to bleed and not have blood clotting? Then, it will cause excessive blood loss and will lead to the condition of hemophilia. It is a rare disease and can be curable but usually is untreated in most cases. Injury, injury, wound or tooth injury can cause excessive external bleeding.

There are three types of hemophilia
There are three types of hemophilia A, B and C. This is determined by understanding the risk of clotting that does not occur in a person. In the disease, the blood does not freeze as much as it should. In general, it is genetic trouble. A person is born with him.

Haemophilia is not curable
Haemophilia is not curable but the condition can be controlled and people can live a normal life after proper and long protective treatment. The type of hemophilia is less severe than that of CA and B. Type C type hemophilia affects men and women equally. Girls are not large-scale carriers of this disease. Sickness is known in early life. Many cases occur one month after birth while normal cases can actually be seen up to 18 months.

Symptoms and Side-Effects
The result of hemophilia can come in the form of kidney disease, heart disease, joint pain, muscle pain and weakness. He is also considered a royal disease. Women cannot be affected by this disease very much but can be the carrier of that disease. A woman whose father has this situation, she can pass it to her son and if she has a daughter, she can be a spreader.

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