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Gurugram: Test reports get delayed as labs gasp with load | Gurgaon News – Times of India

Gurugram: Test reports get delayed as labs gasp with load | Gurgaon News - Times of India

GURUGRAM: With cases rising rapidly in Gurugram and the district scaling up testing, laboratories in the city have been left gasping. The result is that people with symptoms are having to wait 2-3 days to either get themselves tested or collect the reports.
Over the past six days, Gurugram has conducted more than 60,000 tests — an average of 10,000 daily. With more people developing symptoms, the labs are swamped with calls for reports or collection of samples.

Sources said several labs have had to suspend collection of samples as some of their own staff members have tested positive and they are short of hands. This apart, many of the facilities have run out of testing kits such as barrier tips, flowmeters, flasks and other safety equipment. This has led to a heavy backlog of reports.
The health department has massively scaled up testing over the past two weeks. While 5,504 samples had been collected on April 4, the authorities conducted 10,035 antigen and RT-PCR tests on Saturday. Cases, too, have been rising rapidly. In the past seven days, Gurugram has seen 10,000 people testing positive. On Saturday, the number of active cases stood at 10,691, up 19% from Friday’s 8,980.
Almost all laboratories in the city have been working overtime and testing almost three to four times the number of swab samples they would collect a few weeks ago.
A senior official of a popular lab said, “The process of data entry has been made so complicated and lengthy that it is impacting the speed of data collection. It takes a lot of time to upload 1,500 reports every single day on the portal.”
It’s the common people who are bearing the brunt. “I had fever and a sore throat, following which I decided to get myself tested. But when I called up a lab, they asked me to wait two days as there was no slot available. Their entire manpower is being used in sample collection and analysis,” said DS Dubey, a resident of Sector 4.
Another resident, Shalini Singh, got an RT-PCR test done at a government centre in the neighbourhood on Wednesday after her husband tested positive. “Till Saturday, I hadn’t received the report. Government centres are taking more than 48 hours to release test results,” she added.
Chief medical officer Virender Yadav said, “We have increased testing and contact tracing to curb the latest surge in Covid cases. We have already issued guidelines for maintaining a 24-hour turnaround time.”


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