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Gurugram: Hospital pleads for oxygen ‘with folded hands’ to support six newborns in ICU | Gurgaon News – Times of India

Gurugram: Hospital pleads for oxygen ‘with folded hands’ to support six newborns in ICU | Gurgaon News - Times of India

GURUGRAM: “With folded hands, I request you to support us in these difficult times,” read an SOS sent out by a maternity hospital in Sector 15 on Saturday.
The hospital needed an urgent supply of oxygen to support six newborns.

In the letter, Care Newborn and Childcare Hospital urged authorities to help them arrange at least six cylinders of oxygen, fearing severe complications in the babies who were in its newborn intensive care unit (NICU) if there was no medical oxygen.
“This is to inform you that we have six babies in NICU (two on ventilators and four CPAP with oxygen support) and we are running out of oxygen, which will result in serious consequences for the babies. Our vendor has refused further support of oxygen. We require at least six cylinders of oxygen per day. Kindly help us in procuring them for the sake of babies and mankind,” read the letter.
According to the hospital, they raised the alarm 10 hours in advance, aware that oxygen shortage was affecting hospitals across NCR and any help from the administration and people on social media may take several hours.
“I couldn’t risk it. I had to take pre-emptive measures to save these newborn babies. Had I waited till the last one or two hours of supply, things would have turned disastrous. I know that many hospitals and people are struggling to arrange even one oxygen cylinder. Hence, I raised an alarm 10 hours before, that too after all our vendors refused to help us,” Dr Sourojit Gupta, head of neonatology at Care Newborn and Childcare Hospital, told TOI.
It was only after the hospital took to social media to amplify their request that support started to pour in from all corners. By late evening, their oxygen requirement was met.
The hospital said the district administration and police not only helped them with Saturday’s requirements but also assured them of continued support.
While the deputy commissioner helped the hospital get three of its cylinders refilled, police helped them with five cylinders. The hospital, however, returned three cylinders stating that they didn’t want to stock them at a time when “everyone is facing a crisis”.
“I got a call from a senior IPS officer and they offered five cylinders. We took two and returned three. We needed only five cylinders at that time and three were already getting refilled with the help of the deputy commissioner. So, we humbly asked the cops to give the additional three cylinders to someone who is in dire need. Both the police and the administration have assured that they will ensure that our daily requirement of oxygen is duly met,” added Gupta.
He added that the hospital will now be releasing a consent form where it would mention that in case of shortage of oxygen supply, parents should be prepared to take their babies to another hospital.
SOSs for oxygen from hospitals have been going out every day to the administration.
Besides dedicated Covid hospitals, several other nursing homes are also facing problems in operations because of the uncertainty in oxygen supply.


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