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GHAZIABAD: Many people who have been inoculated in the past few months still do not have their vaccination certificates because of glitches on Co-WIN or delay in uploading their information at the session site. For now, there is no solution to the problem, as vaccination details cannot be uploaded on a past date.
A 75-year-old resident of Vasundhara said he and his wife took the first dose of the vaccine on March 23. They visited the District Women’s Hospital for the second shot on May 8, but were told there was no information on Co-WIN about their first jab. Despite getting both the shots, the couple’s details were registered on Co-WIN for just one dose and they were asked to get their “second jab” after July 31.
Sources said the number of such cases runs into hundreds and even after months, many people are still trying to update the data through officials in the health department. The problem started after on-site registration was allowed in March, officials said. Many residents who turned up for the jabs, preferred on-spot registrations and staff posted at the session sites would often note down their mobile numbers and Aadhaar card details to upload those later. But in many cases, the details were not uploaded on time, or incorrect information got uploaded.
For most people, the discrepancy came to light when they tried getting their second dose. While some people found that their details had not been uploaded at all, for others, the data was incorrect. In case no details were found, fresh registration had to be done. As a result of this, despite getting both vaccine doses, many people have themselves registered as single-dose recipients. Ghaziabad chief medical officer Dr NK Gupta said the matter has come to his notice and he is conducting a review to address the issue.
Although similar problems were reported in Noida, most data has been updated.
“In February-March, we were given an option of back-date entry on the portal. We had submitted entries of around 500 people. Now, there are just a few cases with discrepancies and we are handling those,” said Dr Neeraj Tyagi, district immunisation officer, Gautam Budh Nagar. In some cases, all entries from a centre could not be recorded on a particular day. Such entries were made later with the back-date data entry option.
(With inputs from Noida)


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