Give special diet rich in protein to children hit by Covid, care centres told | Delhi News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: With the pandemic situation refusing to end, Delhi government’s department of women and child development has taken a step towards protecting children who are staying at child care institutions (CCIs) and have recovered from Covid.
Superintendents of CCIs have been told to give a special protein-rich diet for children who were or are presently affected by the viral infection.
There are 26 government-run and 75 NGO-run child care institutions in Delhi that provide care and protection services to children. Over 800 children live in government-run CCIs, while more than 2,200 children live in NGOs-run centres. Till mid-May, there were more than 70 active Covid cases among children across these CCIs.
Officials said that in CCIs and similar shelter homes, children are given quite a nutritious diet. The food options are diverse and balanced, as per the prescribed diet. The diet for children have been planned in such a way that they recover quickly.
The special diet consists of Vitamin C tablets, lemon in food, coconut water, pineapple, salad, protein powder, if required, as per weight, and calcium tablet prescribed by a doctor for 15 days.
An official said they have been focusing on increasing immunity among children for which superintendents are encouraged to go beyond the routine diet to give nutrients that boosts immunity. tnn


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